I had someone tell me the other day that posting photos of myself and my client transformations is promoting bad body image.
Is my body “bad” ?
Should I be bigger, smaller, taller, shorter? Is my skin not the right colour, should my hair be blonde, do I need to be more curvy?
Am I not a “real woman” ?

Which drew me back to what I wrote last week on my blog. Societies expectations vary from person to person. They’re opinions, so why should we be judged.
I am healthy.
I am a woman.
I am happy and I love my life and my body.
I don’t promote anything but health, happiness, a fit body and an awesome attitude towards life. I want to be happy and I want everyone else to be. Why can’t we all LIFT EACH OTHER UP!
It doesn’t matter how you look, it’s how you feel and how you feel you look.
If you are healthy, if you are happy, if you feel confident in your body, if you feel lean, more toned and stronger than before…if you have energy….I’m happy for you. I hope I helped that happen. It doesn’t matter if that’s a size 10 or a size 100. If you’re a healthy and happy you’re size perfect in my eyes.
People say “you promote one body type and it’s unattainable for some” I promote fit, healthy, strong and confident. ANYONE can have that. Even the 0.01%. And even for the people who can’t workout, and have debilitating physical or mental illnesses you can still be healthy, happy and confident. It’s all about your mindset.
Let’s start a new wave of positivity and love. Let’s bring each other up as women. Just because some woman has transformed and YOU “think” she’s too skinny or too curvy. Set aside your own opinion and be happy for them. They’ve made a positive change in life. We are all women and we need to stick together.
Let’s get started NOW! #confidence


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